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When you sit down at the real money poker table, your money stops being money.
To be a truly successful poker player, I believe that money can only be viewed as a way of keeping score during your poker cash game. If I paused to think about the fact that I have maybe two month`s wages, in my bankrolls, or that I just lost a poker real money pot the size of my week`s wages then I`d probably quit. I mean, money is something you have to struggle for and value, and save.

I remember reading a story about a poker pro whose wife was in a car accident and rang him at the table. He asked "is anyone hurt?", when he found out there wasn`t, he wanted to get back to the poker for real money game. She started to tell him about the $1500 damage to the Jaguar. His response was "Honey, at the moment, I`m stuck four beautiful Jaguars". Money is a poker for cash tool at the poker table, nothing more, nothing less. Of course it has real value. We wouldn`t be playing otherwise.

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