Seven Deadly Sins of Poker for Real Money Online

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The seven deadly sins will condemn your poker for cash bankroll to hell! Read all about it here.
The seven deadly sins are familiar to those of us who had religious education classes at school. But did you also know that they are bad for your poker game?

Let`s get right into it:

Pride is the excessive belief in one`s own poker cash game abilities and it has been called the sin from which all others arise. There are few poker mistakes that can`t be traced back to pride, as you play poker for real money. Playing above your bankroll - Pride. Trying to buy a pot against fish because you`re a tight poker for cash player - Pride. Fancy Play Syndrome - Pride. Playing hands out of position because you think you can make them work - Pride. Calling down with a beaten hand so people won`t think you`re a weak poker real money player- Pride.

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