Playing Real Money Poker and a Few Facts on Self Sabotage

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A Few Tips on to Avoid Self Sabotage when Playing Poker for Real Money
There are some things that you may or may have not noticed at you while getting involved in a real money poker game: manifesting some behaviors that act more like a self sabotage when sitting at a poker table. Let's take a look at these behaviors and check whether they are part of your poker gambling attitude:

* Not letting your mind be clear and aware of the gambling. You may have seen many players having one more drink prior to making the next move while seated at the poker table. I have a friend for instance who prefers being stoned when playing poker and I always keep wondering in what way this state of mind can help him with the gambling.

He claims that in this way his mind and his entire being is more detached from the emotions involved in a gambling and this is the reason that makes him get engaged in a poker gambling in the first place. He says that this state of mind is that relaxing to him that he doesn't have the guts to approach a poker table in its fully aware state.

When I ask him whether this helps him winning more than being in a clear state of mind, he says that he can win some and lose some, but this is not actually the point. It is only the fact that he is stoned that helps him getting close to a poker table. My point is that self sabotage here acts in the way that he or any other drunk or stoned gambler are more chemically blocking their emotions rather than deal with them.

* Another way of self sabotaging yourself at a poker table is always postpone those moments when you have to practice more your way of playing poker. There are various books and online sites where you are offered with useful tips and suggestions on playing better poker but also those free poker rooms where you can practice more your skills. If you intend to read them or simply play poker for free, just do it, don't let the messages of your friends on Facebook hold you back from this.

* Have you ever wondered why you are tempted to keep on raising the bet when you know that you have a weak hand? This is another way of self sabotaging yourself at a poker table. It can be seen as an addiction to failure. It simply doesn't go this way. You cannot call at al times when there is a weak hand; yes, you may be lucky once to win with that hand, but this won't go for ever.

Now that you have been introduced to all these strange behaviors at poker table and you have recognized some of them being yours as well, you need to do something about this, especially if you like poker gambling that much!

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